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Visa for Belgium

A new appointment and visa application system was launched in August 2018; the Embassy of Belgium in Iran is now working with the outsourcing company VFS since 2 September 2018.

From this date, visa applications must be submitted to the VFS Visa Application Center located at the Heravi Shopping Center, and no longer to the Belgian Embassy.

Please consult the VFS website for more information: http://www.vfsglobal.com/belgium/iran.


General information:

1. You will be automatically informed by email concerning the grant or refusal of your visa application as soon as the Embassy has received a final answer from Belgium.

No information will be given concerning the state of the visa application by phone or email.

For files which have been submitted to the Immigration Service in Belgium, use the link www.dofi.fgov.be/infovisa/. Therefore, you will need to provide your file number. You can also contact them at the following email address infodesk@ibz.fgov.be.

2. Each applicant is required to provide a travel insurance for the whole of his stay in the Schengen area. Only assurances from the following accredited organizations are accepted: Alborz, Arman, Asia, Dana, Iran Insurance, Karafarin, Kowsar, Ma, Mellat, Mihan, Moa’lem, Novin, Pasargad, Parsian, Razi, Saman, Sarmad, Sina and Taavon Insurance.

3. In order to find out whether your application needs a medical certificate, you are requested to consult the following website: https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Pages/home.aspx.

Doctors approved by the embassy are:

  • Dr. H. NOSHAD - crossroads Azadi & Tohid - opposite  metro station - building nr. 2 - 2nd floor  - tel.: 66 929 520 
  • Dr. K. PIRKALANI - Niavaran, intersection of Nejabat Djou (ex-Mojdeh), next to Quavamin Bank, n° 429, appartment n° 1 - tel.: +98 21 227 58 227 & 227 58 218 - Appointments on Sunday till Wednesday between 07:30 and 18:00, on Thursday between 07:30 and 12:30 and on Saturday between 11:00 and 18:00.

4. If you are travelling to Belgium on a private visit and you are staying with a private person, you will have to notify the municipality (where you are staying) of your presence within three days of arrival. This is not necessary if you are staying in a hotel for business purposes.

The possession of a visa does not automatically grants access to the territory. When the holder of a visa presents himself at the outside border, he can be asked  for proof that all entry conditions have been met.

5. The list of supporting documents established by the European Commission, to be presented by visa applicants in Iran, can be consulted on following link : http://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regdoc/rep/3/2016/EN/3-2016-3347-EN-F1-1-ANNEX-1.PDF